Fox Proofing London

Fox Exclusion London


Pest - Go Limited specifically use 2.0" x 2.0" x 2.50 mm galvanised wire meshing when proofing a building, temporary classroom or site office, garden shed, summerhouse, missing air bricks or decking in order to professional exclude foxes. 

We embrace the use of CCTV Systems, Motion Sensor Camera's and if required 'one-way' gates depending on the circumstances.

All of our proofing & exclusions works are subject to a free initial site survey regardless of premises.

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Our Proofing & Exclusion techniques are industry recognised.

We have the ability to fox proof a stretch of decking in the middle of London or a remote cabin in the middle of a golf course!

From school classrooms to garden sheds - we are without doubt one of London's most experienced Fox Proofing Professionals.