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The Situation in London with Foxes

As the population of London and surrounding towns continues to increase, we find ourselves faced with more human/wildlife conflict; especially from urban foxes that have now adapted themselves into living in such close proximity with us.

Never has their been such an emotive animal to control. We fully understand that one persons pest can be another persons treasure.

The tolerance of humans is instilled into fox cubs from a very early age which may explain why they can get very, bold, tame and display no fear of humans.

Human interaction with urban foxes shouldn't be on any level be encouraged. This is often the root cause of unwanted and persistent urban fox activity.

Although often pleasant to watch; we mustn't forget that urban foxes are naturally wild predators, very unpredictable and have a serious potential to inflict injury and harm.

As urban foxes live in close proximity with each other, disease is easily spread such as sarcopic mange, parasitic worms, fleas, ticks, leptospirosis (Weils’ disease) some of which could potentially be passed onto humans, pets or livestock.

Being at the end of a food web means that foxes will eat absolutely anything put in front of them; even other foxes.

Managing isolated urban fox issues requires careful analysis of each situation before implementing any type of management solution.

Typically, urban foxes seek harbourage under decking, building voids access via missing air bricks, false ceilings, cellars, lofts, garden sheds, under rotten tree stumps and even garages.

We take animal welfare and disease management responsibilities very seriously to comply with various pieces of UK Law and Legislation.

Pest - Go Limited don't relocate and release foxes as this may contravene Section 4 of The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (Unnecessary Suffering).

We don't recommend repellents as they do not pose any physical threat to urban foxes. Urban foxes quickly learn that they are just another sound, smell or light in their urban environment.