Urban Fox Management London

Pest - Go Limited is a professional urban wildlife management service company covering London, Hertfordshire, Essex & Kent.

All our technicians are regularly CRB Enhanced checked, Police Certified, Fully Insured and extremely experienced and competent when dealing with urban fox issues.

Pest - Go Limited deal handles complaints about urban foxes in order to resolve human/fox conflicts in a humane, safe and legal manner.

We cover all premises including Private Residential Properties, Commercial Premises, Construction Sites, Local Authorities, NHS, Schools, Housing Associations, MOD Establishments and Managing Agents of Land as well as being regularly used as a sub-contractor by pest control companies that cannot provide such a specialist service.


Human / Fox conflicts often include:


  • Concerns that urban fox (es) pose a threat to children, pets or livestock by way of over familiar behaviour or persistent presence or fouling.


  • Health & Safety concerns by Management who have a 'duty of care' towards their staff, visitors, contractors or pupils in a school or commercial premises.


  • Individual isolated aggressive urban fox behaviour at a specific location.


  • Foxes persistently scavenging, causing financial damage or accessing unauthorised areas.


  • Foxes becoming over familiar with a particular place such as a nursery/primary/secondary school , residentail / commercial premises or building site.


  • Fox trapped in room, void, stairwell which requires special extraction equipment to safely remove it from the building quickly.


  • Dead fox found on private property requiring removal and disinfection.